What does asterisk mean in the show clock of the AP?

We know that the asterisk in the Catalyst means <Time is not authoritative>.

*—Time is not authoritative.
(blank)—Time is authoritative.
.—Time is authoritative, but NTP is not synchronized.


Does AP mean the same thing? The following is my verification test.

AP37#show sntp 
%SNTP is not running.
AP37#show clock 
*23:24:02.707 UTC Sun Apr 14 2019

We can see it with an asterisk. Let’s take a look at the SNTP synchronization.

AP37#debug capwap console cli
AP37(config)#sntp server 
AP37#show clock 
16:20:38.563 UTC Wed Nov 11 2020
AP37#show sntp 
SNTP server                Stratum   Version    Last Received                 8           4        00:00:38      Synced
AP37#sh clock 
20:26:47.573 UTC Wed Nov 11 2020

Obviously the asterisk on the AP has the same meaning as the Catalyst.

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