Using RTOS image to recovery WLC

If your WLC failed to load image, you may need to recovery the WLC using RTOS image.
We need to contact TAC to get the RTOS image. The following are the upgrade steps.

  1. Type the ESC button when the WLC bootup
Press <ESC> now to access the Boot Menu...

 Boot Loader Menu

 1. Run primary image ( - Active
 2. Run backup image (
 3. Change active boot image
 4. Clear configuration
 5. Format FLASH Drive
 6. Manually update images

  1. Choose <Manually update images>
Enter selection: 6
Launching images...
init started: BusyBox v1.6.0 (2010-05-13 17:50:10 EDT) multi-call binary
starting pid 670, tty '': '/etc/init.d/rcS'
  1. Configure the IP address and TFTP server address
Use DHCP for ip configuration (Y/n)? n
Enter switch IP address:
Enter switch netmask:
Enter switch gateway:
Enter TFTP server IP address:

You have entered:
     IP Address     :
     Netmask        :
     Gateway        :
     Server Ip Addr :

Is this correct(y/N)? y

!!! WARNING updating using .aes or unapproved files will disable this unit !!!
  1. Upgrade WLC
Do you want to update RTOS (y/N)? y

Do you want to update Primary Or Secondary Image (P/s)? P

Enter filename for RTOS update: AS_5500_RTOS-
RTOS update Done

Enter filename for FP update: AS_5500_cavium_main-
FP update Done
Do you want to update an AP image (y/N)? N
AP Images Not Updated
Done.  Restarting...
Restarting system.
  1. Verification

Enter User Name (or 'Recover-Config' this one-time only to reset configuration to factory defaults)

User:  admin
(WLC1) >
(WLC1) >show boot
Primary Boot Image............................... (default) (active)
Backup Boot Image................................

(WLC1) >

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