The difference between the WLC reset system and the restart command

Both reset system and restart can reload the WLC. But what is the difference? Why are there two commands?

There are two explanations for the commands in the CLI.

 (Cisco Controller) >reset ?
 system         Reboot (hard reload) the switch.
 (Cisco Controller) >?     
 restart        Restart (soft reload) the switch. 

We can see that the difference between the two is hard reload and soft reload. The test results of the WLC 8540 are as follows.

restart: 2 minutes and 30 seconds
reset system: 8 minutes

I didn’t see the UCS reload after using the restart command. I think this is the difference between hard/soft reload.

Restart is also called Fast Restart. Cisco recommends using it in the following situations.

It is recommended to use restart instead of reset system for the following scenarios to reduce network and service downtime and provide better serviceability:

LAG Mode Change
Mobility Mode Change
Web-authentication cert installation
Clear Configuration

The Fast Restart feature is supported on Cisco WLC 7510, 8510, 5520, 8540, and vWLC from release 8.1.

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