How to configure Kiwi Syslog Server for Cisco WLC

Solarwinds Kiwi Syslog Server is a widely used commercial Syslog server. Kiwi Syslog Server Free Edition can monitor Syslog for up to 5 devices. We can download Kiwi Syslog Server Free Edition from the following link.

After the installation is complete, We can add the device via File -> Setup -> Inputs. I added two WLCs to Kiwi Syslog Server.

Then set the Syslog server address and level on the WLC.

(wireless-vwlc-2) >config logging syslog host

System logs will be sent to from now on

(wireless-vwlc-2) >config logging syslog level debugging 
(wireless-vwlc-2) >save config 

Are you sure you want to save? (y/n) y
Configuration Saved!

If all goes well, we can see the Syslog output on the Kiwi Syslog Server.

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