Tips for saving putty logs

Admittedly, putty is a good tool. I often need to copy the putty logs to a txt file for analysis. I would like to share here two tips for using putty.

  1. Let putty output more logs

If you need to output a lot of logs, you will find that putty only outputs the last part, and the previous part has disappeared. This is because putty only outputs the last 2000 lines by default. All we need to do is change this default value.

  1. Automatically save logs.

Another method is to automatically save logs. Even if you forget to save the logs manually, you can find all the logs in the folder, which is great.

  • &H = hostname for the session
  • &Y = year
  • &M = month
  • &D = day
  • &T = time

Putty: Simple trick to log all session output by default

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