Upload Yang Models to the Yang-explorer

In the previous article, we discussed how to install Yang Explorer. Now we need to upload Yang Models to the Yang Explorer.

  • Manage Models – Workspace – Add
  • Select the Yang Models file, then click Upload button

I chose to upload “common-mpls-static-devs.yang”, but it failed. The following error message is displayed.

data/session/n7z2buhyfrdhpxhyyfg48t1u4npbbbhh/common-mpls-static-devs@2015-09-11.yang:6: error: module "common-mpls-static" not found in search path
data/users/guest/yang/cisco-xe-openconfig-vlan-ext@2017-06-14.yang:10: warning: imported module openconfig-vlan-types not used
data/users/guest/yang/cisco-xe-openconfig-vlan-ext@2017-06-14.yang:14: warning: imported module openconfig-interfaces not used
data/users/guest/yang/cisco-xe-switching-openconfig-interfaces-deviation@2018-12-12.yang:8: warning: imported module ietf-yang-types not used

Observed for “common-mpls-static-devs.yang” and found that it is related to the “common-mpls-static.yang”.

So we also need to upload “common-mpls-static.yang”, Now it works well.

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