Configure PSK authentication on Cisco Catalyst 9800 Series Wireless Controller

1. Configure WLAN

Add WLAN in Configuration> Tags & Profiles> WLANs and configure PSK.

Don’t forget to change Status to ENABLED.

2. Configure location

Add location, you can also use the existing location.

Configure General.

Select the WLAN configured in the previous step, and select VLAN.

Select and add AP to location.

The APs will disjoin, and then join back.

3. CLI configuration

CLI configuration is simpler than GUI.

wlan PSK-test 1 PSK-test
 security wpa psk set-key ascii 0 Test123
 no security wpa akm dot1x
 security wpa akm psk
 no shutdown

ap location name Test
 ap-eth-mac 0000.xxxx.xxxx
 ap-eth-mac 0000.yyyy.yyyy
 description "For test PSK"
 tag policy Test
 tag rf Test
 tag site Test

wireless profile policy Test_WLANID_1
 description Test_PSK-test
 vlan VLAN0062
 no shutdown

4. Verification

Using a client to verify, we can see that the number of Clients has increased.

Or use the show wireless client summary command to verify.

haifeli-C9800#show wireless client summary
Number of Clients: 1

MAC Address    AP Name                                        Type ID   State             Protocol Method     Role
0000.xxxx.xxxx C9117AXI-1                                     WLAN 1    Run               11n(2.4) None       Local

Number of Excluded Clients: 0


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