How to recover password for Cisco lightweight access point

There are two common methods to recover password for Cisco lightweight access points.

Reset LAP through with Controller CLI

This method is limited to the case where the AP has joined the WLC.

config ap mgmtuser add username AP_username password AP_password secret secret { all | cisco_ap}

config ap mgmtuser add

clear ap config <ap_name> keep-ip-config

clear ap config
Reset LAP through with reset button

Disconnect power from AP.

Press and hold “Mode button” on AP and provide power to AP.

Keep mode button hold for 20seconds or more.

Reset LAP through with reset button

If the AP is not joined to the WLC and if you cannot physically access the AP, then you will need another method. If you are using a serial console server, you may need this. I will show how to reset the password through uboot or rommon. And it should be noted that the following methods have certain risks.

Reset LAP through with rommon(IOS AP)
ap: dir flash:/
ap: delete flash:/private-multiple-fs
Are you sure you want to delete "flash:/private-multiple-fs" (y/n)?y
File "flash:/private-multiple-fs" deleted
ap: boot
Reset LAP through with uboot(COS AP)
u-boot>> ubi part fs
u-boot>> ubi remove storage
u-boot>> ubi create storage
u-boot>> reset

* AP username and password will be restored to Cisco / Cisco.

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