How to recovery AP from u-boot mode (AP2800/AP3800)

The following is the recovery method when the AP stuck in u-boot mode. It should be noted that these methods have certain risks.

1. Change the bootcmd variable

It is possible for the AP to be in u-boot mode when the bootcmd variable changes for some reason. We can execute the following commands in u-boot mode, and the AP can boot normally.

setenv bootcmd nandboot  <<< Set to nandboot
saveenv  <<< Save configuration
boot  <<< Reload the AP

2. Change partition

Another possibility is that there is a problem with the partition of the AP. Since there are two AP partitions (part1 and part2), we can switch to another partition and try to boot.

printenv BOOT  <<< Check the current configuration
setenv BOOT <part1 part2="">  <<< Change to another partition
saveenv  <<< Save configuration
boot  <<< Reload the AP</part1>

3. References

AP2800/3800 が u-boot から復旧しない時の対処法
2802i flashing green + solution
AP1562i-T cannot join 5508(8.5.110)! AP LOG:MWAR ”running version

4 Responses

  1. Renato Martins says:

    Thank you very much ! this commands really save life.

  2. I have a ap3802 and i need to change as mobility express but i tried different versions and all fails with no space error. I suppose i need to restore from zero

  3. TL says:

    Exactly what I was looking! Fixed 2 3802 I though was bricked for sure. Booted into part2 and it came back and loaded an old version of ME before upgrading to teh latest version. THANKS!!!

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